<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/05/66/30/08/180420020046.jpg?t=1580219537"><br>If you haven&rsquo;t visited Sandywoods, you should! This growing community is well-known for great concerts, art, and farmers markets, but you can also build your dream home in our 22-lot subdivision. About half of the lots have sold, but we still have room for you! Sandywoods offers 111 acres of open space, 22 acres of dedicated farmland, and is surrounded by conservation land and Basket Swamp Preserve. Any given day, you can choose to take a hike, plant some vegetables, or attend community events! The Main Farmhouse (located near Sandywoods rental units) is a gathering place for concerts, dances, classes, and the arts. The community gardens and orchard offer an agricultural gathering place. The new Tiverton Library, ball fields and skate park are in close proximity, and shopping, dining, and easy access to highways makes this a convenient location. Bring your own builder or ask us for a list of preferred builders. Lot sizes range from 17,000 - 37,000 square feet and lots are priced at $95,000. (Final accepted sale price is subject to Seller obtaining appraisal and approval from their lender).<br>